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Controls Team Celebrates Major Milestone -- Autonomous Crosswind Flight

The controls team recently completed a successful test of an autonomous crosswind flight – checking off another major research and development milestone for the Joby Energy airborne wind turbine.

The controls team tested a 7 ft. (2.5 meter) wingspan prototype with a tail at its local test site near Davenport, CA on September 23, 2010...

Industry Prepares to Meet Challenges and Sets the Stage for Rapid Technology Advancement

What a difference a year can make. In November 2009, 68 people attended the High Altitude Wind Power Conference in Chico, CA. Attendance at this year’s Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2010 more than doubled with 156 registered participants. The 2010 event took place on September 28 - 29 at Stanford University...

Joby Energy Long-term Testing Site Secured

Joby Energy Business Development Director Archan Padmanabhan announced that a long-term testing site lease has been secured. The lease with the landowner provides access to 250 unpopulated acres of relatively flat land.

“The land available exceeds our testing requirements,” Padmanabhan said. “The site offers excellent wind resources, limited precipitation, and the climate is certainly adequate...”

Industry News:

Airborne Wind Energy Legend Miles Loyd Receives 2010 Innovator Award

Internationally Renown Climatologist Ken Caldeira Presented with Belated Award

Joby Energy People:

Some people aren’t keen on seeking the spotlight or attention. They are often the unsung heroes — the steady, strong heart of any successful organization. They quietly and competently complete tasks and jobs above and beyond what is called for. This quarter, Joby Energy is pleased to focus on two of those individuals — whether they like it or not.

Allen Ibara
Control System Engineer

Guillermo Gonzalez
Chief Electronics Technician